April 21, 2020

A Daily Dos of Positivity



“In light of recent events at the University of South Carolina, we strongly believe that the need for all such outlets is beyond necessary; now more than ever. We hope to provide a positive and motivational support system for our school and surrounding community through the means of our podcast.”  - Co-host Prer Shidhaye

With classes moved online, events canceled, residence halls evacuated and graduation tentatively rescheduled, college students are searching for positivity to cope with the effects of COVID-19. Two University of South Carolina students are on a mission to help and inspire fellow students during this unprecedented time.

"The Daily Dos" is a podcast created by senior psychology major, Prerana “Prer” Shidhaye, and junior media arts major, Fen Rockwell, in attempt to promote positivity and reduce the stigma that currently circulates around mental health.

“College can be hard to get acclimated to, and it’s very hard for individuals who have a harder time fitting in and socializing to make friends with people who will become their shoulders to cry on and hands to hold,” Pre says. “Through the means of our podcast, our team strives to create a safe space for students. We hope that students can listen to our podcast in times of sorrow, or even when they’re alone eating. We want to be there for people who feel like they have no one and this is at the forefront of what we hope to achieve from our platform.”

Prer’s first name translates to “inspiration” in Hindi, which is her daily reminder to be the change she hopes to see in the world. Growing up, her parents made sure she and her siblings were aware of how they would come in contact with a variety of individuals with different life experiences. Being involved on campus, Prer came across and befriended some students who happened to deal with painful hardships and suffering. Making a choice to be there for her friends inspired Prer to be there for strangers as well.

“I made a vow to myself that year to serve others before thinking of myself, and the inspiration that drove my willpower at the time continues to light my path to exemplifying service and leadership at UofSC,” she says. “This is what inspired me to start the podcast.”

Prer teamed up with fellow Gamecock student Fen Rockwell to create the Daily Dos podcast. The spelling of Dos comes from the Spanish word of two, since there are two hosts. Some of the latest topics Prer and Fen have discussed are personal branding, self-help, disconnecting and self-growth. During the coronavirus, Prer and Fen especially want to help students that are struggling with mental health.

“We are trying to provide students with a source of entertainment to fill parts of their day, but we are also trying to focus on keeping a good positive attitude during this difficult time,” Fen says. “During our shows, we want to emphasize the importance of keeping a good routine and making sure that the audience is staying healthy and getting as many different perspectives on the pandemic as possible.”

The Daily Dos is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast. To learn more about the podcast and see what goes on behind-the-scenes, visit the Instagram account @TheDailyDos.

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