April 08, 2020

A Letter to Our Members

By: Taylor Valley

Our members power everything we do here at the University of South Carolina Alumni Association. We are forever grateful for your support!

Dear Members,

During these unprecedented times, I felt it was important to keep our members updated on what we are doing to serve you and the greater alumni community. While we are always working to expand our membership program, show more appreciation, and communicate better, we have doubled-down on our efforts to bring you more relevant virtual and accessible benefits. We are always looking for feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact the Association if you have any ideas on how we can better serve you during this time.

Here are three actions we have taken for our members:

1) All members who are expiring before or in August 2020 will receive an extra three months on their membership. For example, if your expiration date was June 1, 2020, it will be extended to September 1, 2020.

2) We are rapidly expanding virtual benefits so that we can solve problems for our members. First, we are excited to announce that all members will now receive three hours of free virtual career consultations from the University of South Carolina Career Center each year. The normal rate is $40 per hour, so this benefit can have up to a $120 value for our members each year. We hope this benefit will help our members find and maintain employment during this period of economic uncertainty. Second, we are expanding our virtual book club to include all alumni until the pandemic has passed. Third, we are working quickly to expedite the launch of new online discussion boards and mentor matching services for alumni and students.

3) As always, we put your membership dollars to work. Through expanded programs in response to the pandemic, we are working hard to better support the Gamecock Pantry, host more virtual events for the class of 2020, and promote the COVID-19 Relief Fund for students. Every membership dollar that you contribute allows us to expand our programming and do more for Gamecocks during this time.

While our staff is now remote and the Pastides Alumni Center is closed, our spirits have been lifted by the hundreds of alumni who have reached out to support our community. While we may be physically separated, we know that Gamecocks always stick together. We will rise to this unprecedented challenge, and even when it passes, we will support and engage with our community more than ever. We are Gamecocks, and we will continue our mission to connect students and alumni to support their careers, their passions, and their University of South Carolina.

Forever to thee,

Taylor J. Valley, Life Member
Asst. Executive Director for Membership
[email protected] | (803) 777-4111

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