August 04, 2021

Introducing our 2021 Greener Scholar: Ashanti Shepard

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By: Chardonnay Ismail

Ashanti Shepard is the recipient of the 2021 Richard T. Greener scholarship, and this incoming nursing major is ready to take Carolina by storm.


With the quality of education and proximity to home, coming to UofSC was a no-brainer for Shepard.

“UofSC has been my dream school since I was in elementary school,” said the Lugoff, S.C. native. “It’s 30 minutes away from home, so I still get to be near my family.”

Shepard chose a nursing major due to her love of working with kids, and she feels prepared that the B.S. in Nursing program will prepare her for her career as a pediatric nurse.

“I initially wanted to become a teacher, but my aunt is a nurse, and I became interested in it,” she said. “I took it seriously, and my junior year of high school, I did honors biomed at my technology center. Then I did clinicals, which was honors CNA, and did the 80 and 20 hours. I will take my test to become certified in August.”

She is the oldest of five, with siblings Laken (7), Colton (3), Carson (2) and her newest sibling, Grayson, who is just a week old. For Shepard, receiving this scholarship means helping her family.

“College can be expensive, and I don’t want my family to be in debt,” she said. “This scholarship will help me achieve my goals while preventing extra debt.”

Academic excellence is part of the requirement to receive the scholarship. With her academic achievements and extracurricular involvement, Shepard was an excellent fit.

“I was a varsity cheerleader, did beta club and was a member of multiple national honor societies,” she said. “I was also a distinguished honors graduate and did dual enrollment, so 18 percent of my degree is complete. I also did community service and helped run dance showcases.”

Unsurprisingly, Shepard lives by a standard of excellence, and she shared her favorite quote that she lives by.

“My fifth-grade teacher told me, ‘Shoot for the stars and nothing less,’” she said. “I still take that quote to this day, and even after I graduate because I still plan to shoot for the stars. I plan to go to graduate school for my pediatrician license.”

During her time at South Carolina, Shepard wants to be as involved on campus as she was in high school.

“I want to cheer for UofSC and be in student government and the freshman council,” she said. “I want to leave a positive impact on myself, the university community and specifically the black community.”

Since 1983, the Black Alumni Council has actively worked to attract bright students to the university by providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have excelled academically. Richard Theodore Greener, for whom the scholarship is named, was the first African-American faculty member at Carolina in 1873.

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