For Ashley Pullen, her University of South Carolina ring story really began when she graduated in spring 2015.

Even though she received her ring the year before, it was not until that day that everything came full circle.

Ashley recalls then President, Harris Pastides, inviting graduates that had a ring to stand and remove their rings and turn the seal to face outward. This action symbolized the transition from student to alumnus with graduates going out into the world to represent the university.

“This sentiment has stuck with me every single day since graduation,” Ashley says. “I remind myself every morning that I put my ring on that I am representing the University of South Carolina everywhere that I go, not just on my right ring finger, but in my actions.”

Those actions matter as Ashley goes on to explain that she strives to represent the university in her job, community and life in general.

“My class ring will forever be more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of the educational institution that helped mold me into the person I am today, it is where I met incredible mentors and friends, and it is where part of my heart will always reside,” she says.

It’s a simple as the UofSC Alumni Association motto: “Student for a short time and a Gamecock for a lifetime.”

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