August 01, 2021

August graduate joins Harvard Medical School as postdoctoral fellow in global health and infectious disease epidemiology

class of 2021

By: Chardonnay Ismail

Chengbo Zeng graduates in August with a Ph.D. in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, and next, he complete a postdoctoral fellowship in global health and infectious disease epidemiology at Harvard Medical School.

During his time at South Carolina, Zeng worked on various projects at CHQ as a Junior Scholar and a graduate research assistant. He received two of his department’s highest honors, the Christopher Peter Aluah Outstanding Doctoral Student Award and the Olga I. Ogoussan Doctoral Research Award. He also won the Arnold School's Doctoral Student Achievement Award.

Zeng graduates with 27 peer-reviewed publications and 31 presentations. Long term, he plans to join academia, conducting global research in low- and middle-income countries. 

Read the full story, written by Erin Bluvas, on the Arnold School of Public Health website.

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