November 04, 2021

Freeing the oppressed

By: Mykayla Capeles

Danny Pritchard spent 14 years in active duty as a Green Beret and became a Sergeant First Class E7. After transitioning out of active duty, he taught in the UofSC Army ROTC program and earned his International MBA while serving as a North Carolina National Guardsman.



Pritchard was humble in explaining his experiences in the military and has made one thing very clear.

“My whole drive was to help people. Knowing that the Special Forces motto was de oppresso liber we got to do exactly that,” Pritchard said, “There’s a humanitarian side of the Green Berets, not only were we there to free the oppressed but we stayed in the villages to build schools and wells.”

Pritchard joined the military after his friend Pat Tillman left his successful football career with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the U.S Army with his brother Kevin Tillman after the attacks on 9/11. He died in Afghanistan in 2004. 

“Pat was the inspiration for me to join the military,” Pritchard said. “He made everyone feel like they were the most important person in the room when he talked to you.” 

After his active duty, Pritchard decided to get his MBA at Darla Moore because of its No. 1 International Business program ranking. By being overseas for many deployments and having experience negotiating and communicating with different cultures, he was most passionate about the international aspect of the program. Through the curriculum, students study abroad for one semester. Pritchard decided to go to South Africa. While there, he decided to venture up the fourth-largest peak in the world—Mt. Kilimanjaro—the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world: 5,895 meters (19,341 ft) above sea level. Pritchard convinced alumnus Roger Nanney (B.S. '80, M.ACC '82) and Daniel McEachin ('20 IMBA) to join him, and it was an experience they will never forget (see photo above).

While climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was a highlight of his time at the University of South Carolina's International MBA Immersion, Pritchard was proud to take his experiences in the military and share them with students while teaching at UofSC through the ROTC course Military Science. 

“To have this wealth of knowledge that I had cultivated through the years and seeing these young 18- to 22-year-olds students was an amazing time for me,” Pritchard said. “I didn’t realize how much I was going to enjoy teaching.” 

Pritchard currently works at Indigena Capital, a private equity firm that works with indigenous tribes in the United States and Canada that helps with infrastructure projects and socio-economic development. 

“Working here feels like an extension of my service,” Pritchard said. “Money isn’t a priority for me, but the impact is. I am in a position where I can work with a passion and purpose to continue to help people and I’m just getting started.” In addition to his alumni and military connections, Pritchard gets to regularly connect with David Seaton, is a board member of Indigena Capital, serves on multiple university advisor boards and committees and is a strong supporter of UofSC military students and programs.

Photo on Mt. Kilimanjaro, from left to right: Danny Pritchard IMBA ‘20, Roger Nanney (B.S. '80, M.ACC '82, Board at DMSB) and Daniel McEachin, IMBA '20


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