October 09, 2020

UofSC Ring Story: Jameson Million



Participating in the ring ceremony in 2015 is a memory that Jameson Million will always cherish.

Jameson remembers his ring celebration like it was yesterday. His family got together and concluded the weekend with a nice brunch before the ceremony at the Horseshoe. Ring week at South Carolina means a lot to his family considering some of them have participated in it as well.  

“Getting my ring in 2015 was one of the major highlights of my time at Carolina," he said. "I vividly remember the exciting day when I got fitted for the ring, and how great it felt to turn my ring around at graduation on the floor of the CLA.”

Now, Jameson works in the business world and he loves being able to look down at his ring and remember his time at South Carolina. He encourages students to obtain a ring because of the significance it holds.  

“My message to Gamecocks is that our ring represents so much, and it's something you truly won't appreciate until you've been gone from campus a few years," he said. 

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