November 23, 2021

Q&A with Jonathan McFall ('12)

By: Chardonnay Ismail

For 2012 Pharm.D. graduate Jonathan McFall, his work is a chance to serve a higher purpose.

Both his father and uncle were 1977 graduates of the College of Pharmacy, and he wanted to follow in their footsteps. He also met his wife, Sara in the program.

McFall is a Supervisor for Outpatient Pharmacy Services at Moncrief Army Health Clinic and a Pharmacy Officer for the U.S. Army Reserves, serving in a Troop Medical Clinic focused on providing sick call services and readiness functions.

"Two career achievements stand out to me: First, having the ability to take care of veterans and active duty soldiers at Fort Jackson gives me great joy. It is truly an honor to serve those who have served us," he said. "Second, I was mobilized last year at the beginning of the pandemic with the Army Reserves to help backfill in a hospital in New Jersey during the first wave of COVID-19. The sense of relief and appreciation that the hospital staff expressed to us as we arrived and their respect as we departed was a humbling experience."

Read the full Q&A on the College of Pharmacy website. 

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