Rod Culbertson, ’76, can remember seeing a University of South Carolina class ring from an early age. His father graduated from South Carolina in 1949 having gone through the veterans’ program and obtained a classic South Carolina ring.

Rod recalls that his father wore the ring all the time and that growing up, he always admired seeing it.


His father’s ring

When Rod graduated from South Carolina in 1976, he could not afford a class ring and went another route to purchase an alternative one that was a composite metal manufactured with saladium. For this ring, he chose to engrave landmarks from the university that were close to his heart with the Horseshoe and both the Maxcy Monument and McKissick Library in the background, the Gamecock and the Carolina Coliseum (home of Gamecock basketball during that time). On this ring, the university seal is engraved in a garnet colored stone, encircled by the words, “University of South Carolina 1801.”


Rod’s ring

When Rod’s father passed away in 2004, he inherited his class ring. “I prefer to wear my dad’s ring because I love to show it off and talk about how he earned two degrees in four years while at South Carolina,” he says.

Now Rod has a story of two rings and wears both to remember his father and the bond they share from the university.

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