September 30, 2021

Q&A with Ken Couch ('69)

By: Mykayla Capeles

Most students start their careers after college graduation; however, that was not the case for alumni Ken Couch who started his pharmacy career in high school.

Through working part-time at the local drug store, Couch fell in love with the profession and knew he wanted to get a degree in pharmacy. Couch says the reason he came to UofSC was all thanks to his boss at that local drug store, Jim Snead. Snead convinced Couch to change his career choice from veterinary medicine to pharmacy and go to UofSC.

When asked what his greatest achievement was, he first acknowledged his family then went on to tell us about being named a Fellow of the American Pharmacist Association. He is just one out of the four recipients in the state. 

One of his favorite college memories is going to high schools in the area with Dr. Beamer to talk about pharmacy as a career and showing the effects of dangerous drugs with lab white rats. He says none of them died but were very mean. 

He gives future graduates a piece of advice, “Believe in the profession, defend the profession, and carry the flag of pharmacy with pride.”

Read the full Q&A on the College of Pharmacy website.

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