September 24, 2021

A chance on education

By: Mykayla Capeles

Larry Thomas graduated with a degree in Mass Communication in 1983. After graduation, he knew he wanted to give students a chance that he never got growing up.

Thomas, now the university’s vice president for communications, wanted to invest in underrepresented students by offering scholarships. His first scholarship was the Janie Mae and Lafayette Thomas Scholarship to honor his parents. Thomas recently established the Larry and Delores Marie Thomas Scholarship with his wife.

“I worked my way through college because I had to,” Thomas said. “If I can create an opportunity to make life a little easier for someone who’s needing a little boost financially, I am happy to.”

Thomas is honored to help these students out because he knows first-hand how much of a difference it makes for students to feel like someone is taking a chance on them and believing in their careers. Thomas argues it is important for alumni to give back to the next generation and support students throughout their college careers.

Read the full story, written by Macaylee Jones, on the College of Information and Communications website.

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