January 10, 2020

Life Member Spotlight: James Wolf

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By: Taylor Valley

Want to know what UofSC leadership looks like? Look no further than the Charlotte Gamecocks and their dedicated Club Chair, James Wolf, `05.

A Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, James has organized one of the strongest communities of Gamecocks in the country. Chair of both the local UofSC Alumni and Gamecock Clubs, James represents more than 9,000 alumni in the Charlotte area and countless Gamecock fans. James has served as the Chair of the UofSC Alumni's Charlotte club for 11 years.

“Being a local leader allows me to inspire our alumni, friends and supporters of the University to come together to accomplish many things,” says James. “We are limited to our imagination. Our area is blessed to have over 9,000 alumni and growing by recruiting students to the University, growing our local scholarship fund and helping with internships and jobs. We engage Gamecocks after graduation through social, charity and professional events. It is important to bring all alumni together no matter the background because we share one commonality – a love for the University of South Carolina. Being a leader is a passion and a labor of love.”

Whether it is an event welcoming Gamecocks to their home away from Columbia, hosting a fundraiser for the club’s scholarship or networking opportunities for alumni, James has built a lasting connection along I-77 between our campus and the city that so many Gamecocks call home. James and the Charlotte Gamecocks host the annual Scholarship Golf Tournament at the Pine Lake Country Club to raise money for the Dickson Rose Scholarship Fund.

“We have so many talented Gamecocks in so many different industries and we try to appeal to all through consistent first class social, charity and professional events,” says James. We have over seven decades of Gamecocks that attend our events and tens of thousands of people that visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. The Alumni Association supports us in so many ways through ideas, man-power, financially and with wonderful give-a-ways. It is a group effort that makes us the most active club in the country… so much so that we want to be referred as Charlotte, SC.”

As a Life Member of the UofSC Alumni Association, James knows that a deep commitment to UofSC starts with being active. Sure, membership has its benefits like national discounts and great alumni gear, but James shines as an example of how to turn connections into action. The Alumni Association is on a mission to create the strongest and most active network of alumni nationwide and it starts with your membership.

“Being a life member provides the opportunity to add value to students, engage alumni and continue to spread the Gamecock Gospel along with the brand of the University of South Carolina. My membership makes it possible to support our students and more than 300,000 living alumni.”

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