March 01, 2020

Making the Gamecock Directory


By: Taylor Valley

What is the value of a large book with hundreds of thousands of names? Priceless. Because it is a snapshot of the 255,000+ living Gamecock alumni who are having a tremendous impact around the world.


When I first started working here, I told a colleague that the Alumni Association would probably never produce another directory. The value was not apparent to me, even with the digital options. But now, I have been a proud Gamecock for nearly two years. I have learned that tradition matters, history runs deep, and generations of Garnet legacy shapes who we are. 

This year, we decided that we want to strengthen those traditions, better document our history, and recognize those legacies. We decided that we would engage in our first alumni directory project in a decade.

To do this right, we need your help.



PCI, or Publishing Concepts, Inc., is a Dallas, Texas based, family-owned company that started under a different name in 1921. Still in the family, PCI has earned a national reputation among major alumni associations as a reputable and professional firm that produces accurate directories.

I first met PCI at a conference in 2018. With current and former clients from other major associations standing around their booth, they showed me how successful other projects had been in updating information and engaging new members. After speaking with dozens of peers at other major associations, we became confident in PCI’s ability to execute a project of this magnitude.

PCI is dedicated to maintaining a high-quality alumni experience. If you have a negative call experience in any way, please contact us.

What will happen?

Over the coming days, you will receive mail and emails asking you to call-in to a hotline to verify and update your alumni information for our directory. This is a legitimate communication, and it will have my name on it (Taylor Valley). My direct contact information is on our website and at the bottom of this post. If you have any concerns about legitimacy, I urge you to contact us right away.

While on the phone, the PCI representative will walk you through the verification process. They will offer a directory and will likely discuss membership with the Alumni Association. While we are very grateful for your support, you are not obligated to purchase anything, and we appreciate the time you took to update your alumni record.

If you do not respond to mail or email within the next several months, PCI may attempt to reach out to you by phone depending on your contact preferences.

You are free to opt-out anytime. Please read our FAQ for more information on participation.

Large directories take time to get right and require a high level of quality control. We are expecting delivery one year after the project start date in February 2021.

Who should I contact?


Visit our page here:

PCI Information

Customer Service: (800) 982-1590


Alumni Association Information

Customer Service: (803) 777-4111

Email: [email protected]

Web Form:

Taylor Valley, Alumni Directory Project Manager

Asst. Executive Director for Marketing and Membership

Phone: (803) 777-9571

Email: [email protected]


2020-02-05_Alumni_Directory_Marketing_2.jpg2020 marks a special year for us. It’s the 100th year of the current charter of our Alumni Association, although there had been others before. Records have it that a small group of Gamecocks came together to advocate for stronger state support for South Carolina. They created a membership program to support their operations, and hosted events to bring alumni together. We are very proud that 100 years later, we continue that mission plus so much more.

Please support your Alumni Association and the University of South Carolina by participating in our 2020 alumni directory project. We are forever grateful for your support.

Forever to thee,

Taylor J. Valley
Asst. Executive Director for Marketing & Membership
[email protected] | (803) 777-9571

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