October 30, 2021

Training the next generation of engineers

By: Mykayla Capeles

Mandy Elmore realized that to recruit others to love engineering, math and science she was going to have to do it face-to-face with students. She was passionate about it and knew students needed someone as passionate as her to stay engaged. 


“I became convinced while I was working in manufacturing and as an engineer that if people who were excited about, math, science, engineering — all those things — if we didn't teach that and pour that into the next generation, we were going to face some real challenges,” Elmore says. “So I put my money where my mouth was and went into education.”

Elmore returned to the University of South Carolina to earn her bachelor’s (1994) and master’s (1997) degrees in engineering, for a doctoral-level certificate in higher education (2019). She also plans to complete a Ph.D. in education leadership at South Carolina.

Currently, Elmore is the dean for the Engineering and Industrial Technology Division at Tri-County Technical College and works to prepare her students for a career in manufacturing and industry. Many of Elmore’s students go to work or open their own business in the Upstate, but she knows they will be successful.

Read the full story, written by Page Ivey, on the university website.

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