October 30, 2021

Driving innovation at Michelin

By: Mykayla Capeles

2021 Moore School graduate and 11-year Michelin employee Nathalie Baulain has used her degree to advance in her career.

Baulain has worked in numerous roles at the company relating to project management, social media and digital marketing. She decided to enroll in the Darla Moore School of Business' Professional MBA program to achieve new skills focused on entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving skills.  

“The innovation and entrepreneurship specialization has especially helped with leading me to my new role within Michelin,” she said. “An MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation has enabled me to reframe problems to come up with innovative solutions. It has also helped me to approach opportunities strategically and methodically thanks to the many real-world cases worked on in class. All in all, the program has increased the tools and tactics in my business arsenal all the while enabling me to network with a wide range of professionals.”

By completing her MBA she has helped herself better understand business and leadership decisions and improved her ability to navigate change.

Read the full story, written by Dan Cook, on the university's website.

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