August 19, 2019

Richard T. Greener Spotlight: Alicia Davenport

black alumni

By: Simone Keller

“I truly enjoyed my time to grow as a young adult and student at the University of South Carolina,” says Alicia Davenport, 2014 Richard T. Greener scholarship recipient.” “I am thankful for the scholarship as an opportunity to grow in my purpose and explore my passion in the academic realm.”

Greener Scholarship Recipient in front of the Greener Statue


In May, Alicia Davenport received a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education-English. This month she will begin her teaching career at North Myrtle Beach High School and is excited to give back to her community.

“Receiving the scholarship was truly an honor. I felt that by receiving this scholarship I was able to attend college and focus on my studies and higher learning,” Alicia says. “I was constantly involved with the Black Alumni Council where I received guidance, support, and reassurance. This scholarship emphasized the importance of being a black student with dreams and obtaining a higher education. Additionally, I felt called upon to use my education as a way to help others and to be of service while walking in my purpose."

For Alicia, obtaining a degree from South Carolina has been beneficial both professionally and personally in her growth as a learner, scholar and overall person.

“I have learned a great deal about being an effective teacher, a holistic person who carries valuable experiences and diverse perspectives and in making personal friendships and professional connections,” she says. “I have a stronger sense of who I am and who I want to become. I have already started the process of outlining future endeavors I want to achieve professionally and academically.”

After teaching for a few years, Alicia plans to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of education.

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