October 09, 2020

The Gift of a Class Ring



Amber Stanton’s Gamecock journey began before she was even born. Her dad and uncles attended the University of South Carolina.

“When people ask me why I chose the University of South Carolina, I tell them it was never really a question in my mind where I would go," Stanton said. "My dad and his two brothers are all graduates of the university, so I was born with Garnet in my blood.”

While a student, Stanton's dad was given a class ring as a gift from his mother. When Stanton had an opportunity to participate in the ring ceremony, her parents wanted to continue the tradition, under one circumstance- she had to promise to always wear it.

“Prior to the ring ceremony, I insisted my dad pull out his ring to try it on," she said. "We were both so happy to find it miraculously fit again! He did wear it to the ceremony, and took pictures of our rings together.”

Sharing that moment with her dad is something Stanton will forever cherish. Staying true to her parents wish, she rarely takes the ring off.

“Receiving my ring from President Pastides on the Horseshoe was such a special part of my time at UofSC and sharing that with my Dad made it that much more special," she said. "Since I got my ring in 2015, I can count on one hand the amount of days I haven’t worn it because it’s more than just a ring, it’s a part of being a Gamecock and the pride that comes with being an alumna of the University of South Carolina.”

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