October 30, 2021

Public duty to contribute

By: Mykayla Capeles

William Brown graduated with a degree in Russian and Islamic Culture Studies in 2011, got his master's in International Business in 2020, joined the Army, and is now one of the two U.S members of NASA’s spaceflight simulation study in Moscow. 

“Our mission is meant to simulate a lunar mission,” Brown said. “So basically, we have the capsule, and then we have an entire section of the facility designed and closed off to be like the moon.”

The research will focus on behaviors, resilience, and other mental health issues along with menu fatigue—a loss of appetite and willingness to take in essential nutrients because of a lack of variety in food offerings.

Brown says the isolation will be similar to the pandemic. His team will all be living together and be very close to one another. His team will have to understand that some behaviors will change and some will not.

When asked why he would voluntarily sign up to be locked away by five strangers for eight months, Brown replied he wanted to be a part of the advancement of human knowledge, and he is honored to be one of the lucky people who can. 

Read the full story, written by Page Ivey, on the university website.

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